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Jalan Bader 27 Kalirejo - Bangil Pasuruan

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Indonesian Embroidery Fashion
Embroidery is one of Indonesian precious art and culture heritage. In order to keep this heritage existency, FAIZA EMBROIDERY is always trying to develop the art of embroidery by producing high quality pieces, inspired from our very own Indonesian art and culture.
Selected fabrics and high quality threads are combined in harmony with beautiful colours. Supported by excellent design, skilled workers using manual and semi-modern machines. With all these elements comes our finest high quality Embroidery products.
Production Capacity

FAIZA EMBROIDERY has 75 employees working everyday, with product capacity 500 pcs/month. We are capable in serving domestic and overseas market demand either retail or wholesale.

Meanwhile FAIZA EMBROIDERY products are already reaching Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Dubai UEA markets.

Products Variety

FAIZA EMBOIDERY provides : Kebaya (Javanese Traditional Dress), Moslem Dress, Embroidery, Batik, Painting, Handmade Dress and Handycraft.

Trademarks Faiza Collection, Inas Collection, Nauval Collection, Rahyan Collection.